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Service for espresso machines



In warranty services


Dealers from Germany are able to register their defect device for pickup here:


Please contact Philips-Hotline

for Germany: +49 (0)40 80 80 10 980

for France:  0157 32 40 51

Dealer and Consumers from France have the posibility to register their espresso machines here.

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Out of warranty service

Fixed-price repair for Philips / Saeco espresso machines

As central workshop for Philips / Saeco espresso machines, we offer a special after warranty service.
Our fixed-price repair offers you the following benefits:

  • No surprises if expensive spare parts are required
  • Professional repair from trained and experienced specialists
  • We only use original spare parts
  • We save costs and time because there is no detailed estimation of costs necessary
  • Repair following the "factory rules"
  • Pickup and return in our own packaging

Special conditions of fixed-price repair

The fixed-price repair includes: Excluded from the fixed-price repair is:
Professional repair from trained and experienced specialists Economical total loss
(e.g. several assamblies are broken, water cycle calcified)
Diagnostics / troubleshooting Ceasing of the repair due to missing spare parts or missing service solution
Mechanically or electrically defect components / assemblies will replaced Cosmetical repairs
(e.g. case, display)
Wear parts will replaced depending on their state (e.g., crushing gear) Damage due to a fall
(broken case)
Leaks in the water cycle are eliminated Liquid damages
(Liquid in electronic parts,
Contact corrosion in high scales)
Brew Group will revised (clean, oiling, replace seals) Damage because of electrical surge
(usually power supply, control and operating electronics defect)
Cleaning in- and outside if necessary Improper repair in advance
(e.g. electronical consequential damage due to connection error)
Pickup and Return in our transport box Usual exclusions on warranty,
(e.g. commercial use in offices, medical practice, etc.)

By using our offer, you will accept these special conditions, automatically.


For devices up to the age of 5 years

150 € (incl. VAT)

For devices from the age of 6 years

199 € (incl. VAT)

(Relevant is the date of manufacturing and not the date of purchase)

Please contact the Philips hotline on +49 (0)40 80 80 10 980

If we not accept the fixed-price repair we will provide you an estimation of costs. We will bill the standard testing costs, if you don't award the repair.

We ask for your understanding!

Maintenance service for espresso machines

To protect a proper working of your espresso machine, good maintenance is necessary. Therefore we advise you to decalcify your espresso machine regulary as well as to cleaníng, decalcifying and upkeeping your device by specialists once a year.

Our professional maintenance service comprises:

Cleaning your device

Decalcification with professional descaler

Adjustment of grinder (if possible)

Replace O-rings at valve plug

Clean and grease brewing unit

Cleaning of milk system

Renew the sealing of water tank

Pickup and Return in our transport box

Special conditions for maintenance service

We only offer the maintenance service only for Philips and Saeco espresso machines.
We will provide you with our general terms and conditions during the ordering process.
Please note that our maintenance service can only be performed on a fully functioning device. If we find a defect we will offer you a fixed-price repair.


all-inclusive price 99 € (incl. VAT)

Please contact the Philips hotline on +49 (0)40 80 80 10 980

Keep your devices working properly!

Tips for care and maintenance and more information of your product

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